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Never Outsourced

Award-winning foods. Award-winning kitchens.

We’re as passionate about making food as we are about our pets. That’s why we’ve been preparing ACANA in our award-winning kitchens for over a quarter century.

We prepare ACANA foods and treats ourselves, with fresh ingredients from trusted local farmers, ranchers and fishermen. We oversee every detail of food preparation, from where our ingredients come from, to every cooking, quality and food safety process.

Did you know that most specialty pet foods are owned by marketing companies?

These days, most pet foods are owned by marketing companies that DON’T make their own foods and DON’T own a kitchen.

Instead, they outsource production to third-party factories who make many different foods for many different marketing companies.

That means they don’t source their own ingredients and they don’t prepare their own foods, focussing instead on marketing and promotions.


We prepare our own foods in our own kitchens, with our own cooks and ingredients, and we don’t make foods for anyone else! When you choose ACANA, you can be sure your dog or cat’s food has been made by us, with the same authentically fresh ingredients, care and attention as a home-cooked meal. We wouldn’t have it any other way, and believe you wouldn’t either.

How to Tell the Difference

If the package says “made for”, “produced for”, distributed by”, or “distributed under licence by” it’s a marketing brand, produced under contract as a private label. That means the company that owns the brand didn’t actually produce the food – it just markets it.

If the package says “made by” or “produced by”, you’ve found an authentic pet food. The company that owns the pet food brand is the same company that produced the food itself. We always suggest you contact a pet food representative to confirm where the food is made.

Champion is the developer and producer of ACANA foods. We own and operate our own kitchens and we make all of our own foods, so you can have confidence knowing where your pet’s food comes from.


Our foods mirror the richness, freshness and variety of meats for which dogs and cats are evolved to eat.

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Fresh Regional

We focus on sustainable and local ingredients raised by people we trust and delivered fresh each day.

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At ACANA, we prepare our own foods in our own kitchens and we DON’T make foods for anyone else.

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