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Food Innovation


Our commitment to innovation has never been stronger.

Adjacent to our North Star Kitchens in Morinville, Alberta, Canada, our BAFRINO Research and Innovation Center is a world renowned food innovation hub focused upon advancing our Biologically Appropriate™ mission.

This $5.9 million investment solidifies our commitment to innovation, and advances our Biologically Appropriate™, Fresh Regional Ingredient and Never Outsourced (BAFRINO) mandate in four core areas:

If it’s not OK for our dogs & cats, then it’s not OK for other cats & dogs.

No dogs or cats are housed at our facility. Our position on animal testing is simple: we only conduct tests which we would allow our own family cherished dogs and cats to participate in. That means non-invasive palatability, urine, stool and blood analysis with our own pets, and with cats and dogs that come from loving family homes within our community.


Our foods mirror the richness, freshness and variety of meats for which dogs and cats are evolved to eat.

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Fresh Regional

We focus on sustainable and local ingredients raised by people we trust and delivered fresh each day.

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At ACANA, we prepare our own foods in our own kitchens and we DON’T make foods for anyone else.

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