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Heritage Red Meats

Delivered Fresh Daily

Raised on local ranches, our red meats are raised naturally in the heart of pristine Canadian ranching country by people we know and trust.

Using Nature’s simple recipe of fresh air, clean water, and natural prairie grains, our Suffolk lamb, Angus beef and Canadian bison are delivered fresh, preservative free and loaded with the goodness and taste that all dogs and cats instinctively crave.

Black Angus Beef
Alberta Ranchlands

Free of hormones and antibiotics, our Angus beef is raised by local ranchers we know and trust like Bern and Kirsten of Spring Creek Ranch. Naturally raised in the heart of Canada’s ranchlands and passed fit for human consumption, our Alberta beef is delivered to our door fresh, preservative-free and loaded with goodness and taste.

Free-Range Bison
Alberta Ranchlands

Local ranchers we know and trust, like Katelyn and Roger of Canadian Rangeland Bison, raise our Alberta Bison naturally, on Alberta ranchlands, without hormones or antibiotics. Passed fit for human consumption, our bison is delivered fresh, so it contains no preservatives and is bursting with nourishing goodness and flavor.

Alberta Lamb
Alberta Ranchlands

Local ranchers, like Vicky and Shayne Horn of Tangle Ridge Ranch, raise our lamb naturally, without hormones or antibiotics. Passed fit for human consumption before arriving at our kitchens fresh and preservative-free, our Alberta lamb is brimming with tender goodness and natural taste.

Alberta Pork
Alberta Ranchlands

Located in the heart of Alberta’s prairies, our Alberta Pork is raised naturally and humanely, without hormones or antibiotics, by local ranchers like Dan and Victor of Majeau AG Enterprises. Passed fit for human consumption and delivered fresh each day, our pork is preservative-free and is bursting with natural goodness and flavor.


Our foods mirror the richness, freshness and variety of meats for which dogs and cats are evolved to eat.

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We focus on sustainable and local ingredients raised by people we trust and delivered fresh each day.

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At ACANA, we prepare our own foods in our own kitchens and we DON’T make foods for anyone else.

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